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The trainers at ALT Fitness are an energetic group of people that love the fitness world. We all get up early and drink probably way too much coffee but hey we chose this job! All of us have a passion for fitness that drives us each and every day. We all love meeting new people and helping them reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be. 

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Personal Training

At ALT Fitness we specialize in personal training for people of all levels. Hence our company name. We conduct personalized training sessions for all of our clients with their specific fitness goals in mind, no matter what they may be. We believe no matter what the level of fitness for a given client, that anybody can benefit from our program.

We pride ourselves on having a lot of fun at work and bringing the energy to our training program every single day! Lots of people are intimidated by the gym and fitness in general. We like to make people feel comfortable here at ALT Fitness and help them see that fitness can be fun for anybody. 

Small Group Personal Training

2-4 Clients

Our small group training program at ALT fitness combines strength training with our high-intensity cardio program. High-intensity training is the most beneficial form of training for getting optimal results. Training with a friend allows for some friendly competition and a unique way to push each other towards your fitness goals. Our small group training sessions are a dynamic and fun way to be part of the ALT Fitness community as well a great way to get in shape.

HIIT Elite

2-4 Clients

Our cardio elite program is our way to get clients into the best shape of their lives. We preach consistency more than anything else here at ALT Fitness. By training 5 days a week, we get our clients to work every muscle group in their body and combine high-intensity interval training for their cardio days. The cardio elite program is designed for the days when our clients are not working with their trainers. The cardio program is specifically designed for each client with their fitness goals in mind as well as their physical capabilities. This program is what the ALT Fitness personal trainers follow every week and we have implemented with our clientele. "What's good for the trainers, is good for the clients!" ALT Fitness motto!