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How much should I weigh?

May 4, 2017

One of the biggest talked about measurements...


When it comes to fitness, or exercise the biggest talked about measurement is weight. How much should you weigh? That's a question that you and your trainer can answer. We have two ways to look at your weight. The first is it’s just a number and it's no big deal. The second way is it’s also a great way to see your progress and how far you've come.


But wait there's more


Now, why would you want to think it's just a number? That's because there are times when your weight fluctuates from am to pm. This is why we recommend getting on the scale every day because it forces you to learn those fluctuations. The scale keeps you accountable and knowing you have to get on the scale each workout will make your more accountable outside of the gym. The more consistent you are the more consistent the scale will be.


Are you going crazy over the what scale says?


With that said we can go crazy with what the scale says. So, your weight shouldn't be the top priority when you're trying to get smaller or bigger. Consistency yields results. Meaning, if you hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week, you'll get results. Also, if you're consistently eating healthy, following our ALT Fitness By Laws, you'll see results. What should you look for, besides what the scale says is, how do your clothes fit? We all have “skinny” clothing and “fat” clothing. If the scale isn’t moving, ask yourself are you fitting into your “skinny” clothing? Losing inches is far better in the long run than what a scale has to say. So replace "how much should I weigh" with "do I fit into my skinny jeans".


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