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How should I choose a personal fitness coach? Part 1

May 16, 2017

You might be wondering:


"Is there a difference between a Personal Trainer and a fitness coach?"


That's a great question that we get a lot at All Level Training. Personal Trainers are more like fitness coaches, we motivate you to complete exercises and movements you never thought you'd be able to complete. Clients always express that they never thought they could do a box jump that high or never thought they could run that fast. That’s what coaches do, they get the best effort out of their players or in this case their clients.


Want to know the best part?


The coaching doesn't stop there because we are here even when your day has hit the fan. Even when you’ve had the worst day of your life we’re here to distract you from it and make a positive out of a negative. That’s what a personal trainer does. That’s what your personal fitness coach does.


We can coach you through the dark times by beating the stress out of you. We can coach you through the light by creating your training routines around your favorite exercises. This is how we see it at All Level Training. We’re your personal fitness coach that will elevate your game and take you to goals you never thought possible.


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