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What separates us from all the trainers coaching in Denver?

June 7, 2017

How are we different?


Denver Colorado sits at the foothills to the rockies and for most people it is the gateway to those beautiful mountains. Denver is where people flock to check out 53 of the world's tallest mountains, outdoor activities for days, and fun to be had on every corner.


What does Denver and the Colorado rockies have in common?


That’s right high altitude.


The Colorado rockies chew you up and spit you out if you’re not ready for them. Denver personal trainers know what it’s like because they like to play in the mountains just as much as their clients do. Getting in shape for all these recreational activities is tough, but not as hard as one might think.


Wait a minute, What's High Altitude Training? 


High altitude training is key for a Denver Personal trainer. Our bodies do not recover as quickly when training at a mile high. Not only do we not recover as quick we also need to stay more hydrated when working out at higher elevations. Denver Personal Trainers are in the heart of it all and we know how to regulate exercises so you can climb to the top of all the peaks, run around in all of the parks, and hit the red rocks for a show you'll talk about for years, all in the same day! I bet you didn’t think that was possible did you? Are you tired from just reading all that high altitude activity?


But wait there's more:


As the best Denver personal trainers we get it. We understand what it takes to get in the best shape of your life at high altitude because we live at high altitude. Just ask our clients who earn their couch time during the week. Plus, they get to enjoy the skiing on the weekend. Some even earn a few extra libations after skiing! 


$60 Gets You Started Today!




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