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What's it like to be a personal fitness coach? Part 1

June 14, 2017

It’s 4:30am, Alarm goes off:


It's still dark out, the birds have just begun chirping. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee starts to wake you up before you hop in the shower.


Did we lose you at 4:30am?


Is that not how your morning starts? Not many people jump out of bed at 4:30am. Let’s be honest most mornings are not easy for the vast majority of clients. Personal trainers are a different breed. We get excited for the day and it usually starts as the water is washing over us while in the shower. It’s a great way to wake up the brain. As the water stimulates our mind, thoughts of how we can motivate our clients to conquer their monthly, weekly, daily goals begin to flow.


We visualize their goals:


Visualizing these goals make our neutral emotions explode into an overwhelming positive attitude. So much so that our smile won't leave the face. This is what it’s like every morning being a personal trainer. We love what we do, and every day we get to share that passion so that it becomes your best day. That’s why we’re personal fitness coaches. That’s why we share our passion for fitness every single day. That’s why we live and breathe fitness. We’re passionate about it and we want you to be passionate too. That’s why we do it.


But wait there's more:


Those are the good days. Some days the water rushing over our heads doesn’t bring a smile to our face. We are human after all. That’s what makes the trainers at ALT Fitness special. We have good and bad days. We miss goals too. We’re there to lift you up when life knocks you down. Great personal coaches know this and can push their clients no matter what kind of day their having. Just add that too the list of why having a personal trainer is so important.


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