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Why is small group personal training so popular these days?

May 18, 2017

What's the difference between small group and semi-private sessions?


Well really just the names are different


Sometimes the best way to get in shape is with a friend. We all have a competitive side that some know how to use but most of us need someone to compete against. Small group personal training brings out the competitive side in all of us.  


But I'm not competitive


You tell yourself that now but when you're actually working out with other people that natural desire to keep up takes over which makes you work harder. Working harder is one of the best ways to get achieve the results you desire. Small group personal training is a great way to find this type of friendly competition. Competition in the traditional sense usually means you want to win and the other person to lose. Competing against your friends or fellow gym goers is different because you end up pushing each other.


This type of competition is win-win 


This type of competition can lead to amazing results that you never thought you could achieve. Hitting the gym, going on long hikes, hitting the slopes, are all fun but are better with a companion. Small group personal training let's you compete, out work your regular routines, and makes it a lot more fun to get beat up with someone else. Suffering loves company. That's not the only benefits either!


But wait, there's more:


Small Group personal training is different at ALT Fitness because you've got a skilled coach with you at every turn. That personal trainer is making sure form is on point so you don't get hurt. The routines are laid out so your group can move fluidly from exercise to exercise. With minimal down time. Programs are made to benefit the interest of the whole group, not the one who ‘knows more".


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