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Lose weight fast!

September 13, 2017


Are you looking for the quickest way to lose weight?


You're not alone...


As of 2014 1.9 billion adults are considered overweight or obese. Most of those people are looking for a way to lose weight fast. They’re looking for the quick weight loss solutions. Don’t believe me? Then look at all of the quick weight loss google results. There are pills and diets that claim using their product will provide fast weight loss. The problem with anything or anyone that claims their product or service will provide the quickest results for weight loss is, they’re lying to you. There is no quick weight loss. Sorry to burst your bubble. Now that we know that quick or fast weight loss products and guarantees are a waste of money.


What can you do to get your weight under control?


Well, there are many success stories out there on the internet that tell you exactly how. For example, Katie who is a stay at home mom lost over 100lbs! Can you believe that? She tells her story on her blog at runforcookies.com. She did it on her own by eating better and starting to run. She lost the first 60lbs by just weighing and measuring her foods. That’s the hard part! Getting started exercising is the next step she took.


That’s what we're here for


We’re here to guide you through your transformation from all angles. The difference is we focus on the exercise and help where we can with your diet. If you’re truly looking for quick weight loss the best approach is a solid diet and working out 5-6 days per week.


But isn't that crash dieting?


We’re not talking about crash dieting or anything like that because that will provide fast weight loss but it will also create fast weight gain. When we talk about quick or fast weight loss we’re talking about more than 2lbs per week. To achieve that kind of fast weight loss you would have to crash diet and exercise for endless hours. That’s not realistic. What is realistic is cutting out the crap from our diet, exercising 5-6days per week and doing it consistently for the rest of your life.


Don't believe us?


Keep reading


Another great example of someone who bucked the idea of fast weight loss was Andie Mitchell of the blog andiemitchell.com. She had a turning point, like most of us, when she almost tipped the scales at 300 lbs. She went to the extreme by creating lighter versions of her favorite recipes. She lost most of her weight in just over a year. Not all of us have time to recreate our favorite recipes. That’s why this can be the extreme version of diet modification. It’s also why we should be grateful for people like Andie who have created blogs and cookbooks full of those exact recipes that worked for them. The point again is getting your diet in check and exercising on a consistent basis.  If you look at losing 150lbs in just over a year it works out to be about 1-2lbs/wk which is not fast or quick weight loss by any means but it’s sustainable.


That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it?


Our goal shouldn’t be some pipe dream number that we have to give up everything in our lives to reach for one day and then we bounce back up. Our ultimate goal is to hit a number and be there the rest of our life. That’s the goal. That’s why 1-2lbs per week is sustainable weight loss. Thru the process of losing the weight, you learn the habits you’ll need to maintain your goal weight. Just like Andie has for the past 10 years!


Wait, I want the easy way


Why do people want fast or quick weight loss? Well, that’s easy. There’s no benefit to being overweight or obese. Once you’ve made a decision to lose the weight you have more motivation than you’ll ever have again. It’s easy at that point. You’ve decided to change your life. You want the weight loss to be quick but here’s the problem. That number on the scale that made you want to start your weight loss journey didn’t happen overnight. It might have felt that way but you know it took years to get to that weight. Then shouldn’t we accept that it will take that same amount of time to lose the weight? Yes, we should accept the journey but we don’t want to accept the long haul.


Here's one more example:


Nicole of prevnetionrd.com has a slightly different story because she started her journey at a much younger age than most of us. She started at 14 using Jenny Craig. She saw some early success and figured she could do it on her own. Soon she realized she couldn’t do it with just diet or on her own. She found a gym and eventually made it to her goal weight. Here’s the kicker and why I wanted to bring her story into the fold. She points out that even though she’s a Registered Dietician she still struggles. It’s a daily battle and a daily process. Any of us that are trainers or RD’s may seem like we have our sh!t together but in reality, we still struggle.


We're all human after all


The difference between us and most people is we realize that our success today doesn’t deserve a medal or a get out of jail free card tomorrow. Yes, we celebrate our successes today but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow we start with a blank slate and we have to win the battle again. If we lose the battle on any given meal or day then we start over the next day. The people who are successful in maintaining their weight loss are the ones that realize it’s a daily process. A daily battle. Once you realize that it’s about the process the game of weight loss becomes more manageable. It’s never easy. It’s never quick. But like all things in life, the truly great things, they take time. They take nurturing. Ask any professional athlete and they’ll tell you they love the day to day process of becoming better. That’s our goal at ALT Fitness. We want you to enjoy the process of becoming healthier and more fit. We want you to hit your pipe dream weight but then maintain that weight. Quick weight loss, unfortunately, turns into quick weight gain.


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