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Burpees, Weight Loss and 10 Surprising Stats about Halloween

October 5, 2017

Halloween is the kickoff to fall...



And the kick off to the holiday weight gain. Most people think it’s Thanksgiving but that’s because most people do not even pay attention to how much of their kids candy they actually eat.


Can you believe that the amount of candy we eat each Halloween could fill the Titanic more than five times?


Think about all the candy that we eat and how much it grinds our weight loss goals to a screeching halt. We all know candy finds it’s way into our lives around this time of year but do not forget about those pumpkin spiced lattes. Just one of those can erase a whole day's worth of working out. Here’s a list of the ten most surprising stats about Halloween and how much candy we consume. Since we’re always thinking how we can keep our goals on track we’ll include simple hacks to limit the impact of "the weight gain quarter".


600 million pounds of candy


is purchased each Halloween in America which equals 6 Titanic ships. Let that sink in for a second. Maybe it’s worthwhile to buy less than you think you need. Another key with that is you’ll be less likely to sneak a few bites before you start handing out candy.




started as turnips and potatoes because they were abundant in Europe.  That changed once the settlers came to America. Can you imagine carving turnips? We can’t. Thank you to the settlers for changing your minds and choosing the local cucurbita fruits aka pumpkins.


How many mini Snickers do you eat while handing out candy to the trick or treaters?


Food for thought: The amount of added sugars we should eat in a day according to AHA is 25 grams for women and 40 grams for men. That’s equal to 5 mini Snickers and would take 6 minutes of jogging, 5 minutes of swimming and 7 minutes of stationary bike (high intensity). Another way to look at this is 15 minutes of burpees will burn of just 3 mini Snickers...


How much chocolate do we buy on Halloween?


It will surprise you, 90 million pounds of chocolate is purchased during Halloween.  That’s equal to 6,923 African Bush Elephants. Think about that for a second. That’s a whole lot of Elephants. How many calories are in 90 million pounds of chocolate? It's two hundred twenty-two billion calories to be exact. That’s a lot of calories. What’s crazy is it would take over twenty-two billion burpees to burn all those calories. We better get started on those collectively...


Candy Corn is


the most searched-for candy term in Google -- more popular than candy apples, gummy worms and candy pumpkins. Searches for Candy Corn are up 10 percent from October 2010. Who are these people who like Candy Corn? How is it that Candy Corn is so popular? Your best bet is to stay away from Candy Corn too. Nineteen pieces of Candy Corn is 140 calories or the equivalent to 15 minutes of burpees. You choose.


Which state searched the most for organic candy?


Colorado. Oregon searched most for gluten-free candy and Kentucky took the lead in sugar-free candy searches. Newsflash fellow Coloradans, organic candy still has sugar and will still stunt your weight loss. Same goes for gluten-free candy Oregon. Sorry Kentucky your sugar-free candy may not have sugar calories but it will still stunt your weight loss as well.


The day of the year with the most candy sales?


October 28th. And of all the 365 days in the year, the top five candy selling days are all in October. This year it is estimated that Americans will spend $9.1 billion dollars on candy for Halloween. Think how much good we could all do if we didn’t purchase so much candy...


What’s the one thing that reminds you of fall?


The leaves are changing. The grocery stores have pumpkins for sale. Starbucks brings back their pumpkin spiced latte. The standard pumpkin spiced latte has 420 calories in it. You would need to do 134 minutes of walking or jogging to burn off a pumpkin spiced latte. Put another way, you would need to do 42 minutes of burpees. The choices is yours.


It’s easy to overdo


it with those fun size treats. Keep this list from Shape.com in mind: 150 calories is approximately three mini York Peppermint Patties, two fun-size packages of milk chocolate M&Ms, six mini Musketeers, six rolls of Smarties, seven Hershey’s Kisses, and five snack-size Twizzler twists. Sure knowing how much candy you can eat is good but what about burning it off? Yup you guessed it, 15 minutes of burpees.


Another smart trick:


Leave the used candy wrappers in your eyesight (on your desk at work, the kitchen counter, etc.) Research shows that you eat less when you can see evidence of the damage you’ve done. This is actually a great tip. If you keep throwing out the wrappers you never really pay attention to how much candy you’ve eaten. Just remember those burpees...




Yes, the title said 10 surprising stats but here is the most important one. You know you’re part of the 81% of parents who enjoy candy from their kids stash. Let’s try to be part of the 19% this year. Here's an even better idea, stop lying 19%.


We better hedge our bet and start doing burpees every day of October just to make up for all the candy we know we’re going to eat. Better yet why don’t we just eat less candy. If you’re serious about keeping to your weight loss goals then you better come up with some strategies to stay on track. The first obviously is to limit your intake. That’s the hardest one. The second is to do two or three burpees for each piece of candy you eat. Finally, buy less candy. Do you really need to buy 10 bags of candy? Buy 5 bags and when you run out of candy then so be it. Just remember all those billions of burpees the USA will need to do the day after Halloween...


**Most of these stats were found using google. 


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