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Weight loss: The good, the bad and the ugly!

October 13, 2017

We all want it NOW! 


We all want to be in the best shape of our life again. We want to look good in our bathing suit. We want it now. That’s the good and bad. That’s just how we are all programmed these days. We want our results yesterday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.


Did it take 30 days to get to your current weight?


Most likely that’s not true. Most likely that weight crept on over months and years. Now that we realized it we want it gone. The bad is we want it all. When we’re losing weight we do not want to give up all our favorite foods. We don’t want to plan ahead and spend time preparing food. Those things seem so daunting at first. It gets ugly when we don't see the results we want because of the setbacks we have. Those screw-ups, unfortunately, turn into setbacks that turn into stagnating results.


Don’t fret.


There are things you can do to keep your results rolling. Let’s get one thing straight. It won't always be easy but it will get easier. The key to sustained weight loss is learning what you’re good at and what you need to work on. You need to recognize that quick weight loss doesn’t mean sustained or maintained weight loss.


Have you tried to lose weight before?


That answer is most likely yes because we all have. It seems like most people these days have attempted to lose weight at some point in their life. There was most likely some results but then something happened and derailed your progress. It doesn’t really matter what derails you, does it? We all know that when we get derailed our diet gets ugly. Our exercise routine gets ugly. Then before we know it our mood becomes ugly. We need to stop the downward spiral before it gets to that ugly point.


First and foremost, get ready for this to happen.


That’s the key once you realize that life will challenge you and your weight loss goals, then the challenges don’t seem so big when they present themselves.  Second, you have to have a plan ready to go when your progress gets stalled. One of the best things to do is just make that next meal better than the last. Make the next workout happen no matter what. Remember, tomorrow is a new day and we can pick ourselves back up. Finally, learn from your mistakes. Learn from those life challenges that made you slip up. For example, if you’re not good at limiting your carb intake then keep those tempting foods out of your kitchen. If you keep skipping your PM workouts then move the workouts to lunch or before work. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Change the one thing that’s causing the slip-ups and do it before it gets ugly.


We hear it all the time that clients do not want to limit their diet 


They don’t want to stop eating cookies or they don’t want to eat vegetables. It’s hard to stop drinking diet soda. These are all the excuses we like to use and they limit and stunt our weight loss. The problem is we see eating cookies as bad. We see drinking diet soda as a bad habit. Instead, we should start to see limiting these things as helpful to our progress. We need to flip our mentality so we can start seeing progress with our weight loss again. Instead of saying, “I don’t like vegetables” how about you figure out the vegetables that you do like. Then you should meal prep using those vegetables in your meals. Don’t over think this. Start with the smallest and easiest change first. Then build from there. If you can’t eat cookies in moderation then do not have them in your house. Cookies are awesome, in moderate amounts, every once in awhile. They’re only bad when you eat them every day.


You should get credit for drinking diet soda instead of regular soda 


Here’s the problem, diet soda may not have the same sugar or calories that regular soda does but your body still treats it the same by releasing insulin. That diet soda is stunting your weight loss. Ask yourself, why are you drinking diet soda? Is it because you do not like water? That’s a bad excuse but we can work with it. Why not try a flavored club soda or lemon water? That way you’re getting something different than just water but it doesn’t have sugar or sugar alcohols. Remember, start small and build from there. That way you can have small victories that will keep you from going from some weight loss to no weight loss. That way vegetables are not seen as bad but necessary. Cookies aren’t bad but they’re bad when you eat them after each meal. Diet soda is bad and shouldn’t be a part of your life so find another alternative before your scale says you’ve lost all your progress.


We flipped the script on you by talking about the negatives first.


The ugly side of our weight loss goals. The bad side of limiting our foods so we do not give into our temptations. That was all on purpose. The good part of losing weight is what we should end this post with. The positives far outweigh all those negatives of weight loss. When we lose the weight life becomes better. First, when we’re at our ideal weight life's little tasks are easier. Going up the stairs doesn’t make us out of breath or hurt our knees. Second, we can chase our kids and tire them out instead of the other way around. Well maybe not, kids are endless balls of energy, but at least when you’re in shape you can keep up better. Third, is pretty obvious. We all know we want to lose the weight to look better in bathing suits. We all want to look good without our shirts on.


Here’s the way to look at it.


All of those slip-ups that we conquer. All those setbacks that turn into triumphs make hitting your goals that much sweeter. Life likes to challenge us with challenges it knows we can conquer. Losing weight fast never really works out in the long run because more than likely it means it will come right back on. The weight loss journey is going to be ugly and hard. There are going to be bad moments along the way. Once you hit those goals, once playing with your kids is easier, all of those trials and tribulations don’t matter. All those struggles that seem like mountains in the moment are actually more like bumps in the road once you’ve reached your weight loss goal. No matter where you are in your weight loss journey, keep going. Keep fighting. You can do it.



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