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Weight loss guide - Eat this versus that: Halloween Candy Edition

October 24, 2017

There you are sitting watching the MLB playoffs


You start to get the hankering for a sweet snack. Lucky for you, Trick-or-Treating is just around the corner and your house is full of tasty little pieces of candy that your kids collected or you’re about to hand out. Right before you open that scrumptious piece of candy you remember your weight loss goals. You remember how good you’ve been all summer with your eating. Your trainer’s voice is in your head and it tells you that every piece of candy you eat you’ll owe them 10 burpees. Is that enough for you to put that candy down? Let’s be honest. Probably not. You’ll probably enjoy that piece of candy. Maybe even a few pieces. We all know that most of us try “just a few” pieces of our kid's candy.


Unfortunately, a few turns into way too many.


Before we know it we see the scale spike. Most of us forget about all the junk we eat around Halloween. Traditionally, we focus on the holiday months being November until January 1st. We all forget about Halloween being the beginning of the weight gain quarter. What do we do with that info? We can break the endless cycle of weight gain and then quick weight loss before we have to be in bathing suits again.  Let’s make better decisions. Let’s make those better decisions starting now. Not tomorrow. Today.


How are we going to do that?


Yup, you guessed it. Burpees. Why all these burpees? Because burpees suck. So what’s the deal? You’re going to eat candy but is there a candy that requires fewer burpees? Well, of course, there is. So, let’s choose candy that requires fewer burpees. What do we mean “fewer burpees”, it means less than 10 per piece of candy.


Eat This and do less than 10 burpees: One miniature Hersey’s Assorted bar, smarties, sweet tarts, Whoppers


If you’re like me those aren’t my go-to candy indulgences I like snickers and M&Ms and anything with peanut butter. Well, for us to enjoy those snacks… We owe at least 50 burpees per piece of candy. Doesn’t sound that great now, does it? Not to me. Well, it doesn’t as long as those tasty treats are not in front of me. That’s the hard part. Saying No to those tasty treats when they’re right in front of you. Are you ready for 50 burpees?


Eat this and do more than 50 burpees: Candy Over 90 Cals: Mini Butterfinger, Fun sized M&Ms, Reeses Cup (1), mini snickers, Mini Reeses Pieces



Yes, it's almost 1:1 calorie to burpee ratio.


Doesn’t that just crush your heart and soul? Good. Maybe this will help limit your candy intake this time of year. Let’s be honest. We want to be in the best shape of our life. We want to look good during the summer months. Instead of working our tail off in the spring to achieve quick weight loss. Why don’t we focus on our diet now?


Let’s try to resist the temptation of eating our kid's candy.


If the lower calorie candy doesn’t appeal to you, like me, then buy that candy. Don’t buy the candy that you like to eat. If you’re an addict you can’t have those things you're addicted to in the house, can you? Yes, you’re addicted to sugar. Let’s break that addiction. Burpees can help you break that addiction. Yes, they have that kind of effect.




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