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Depositing Calories: What No One is Talking About

November 8, 2017


We all want to stay fit and healthy during the holidays, don't we?


Thanksgiving is the time that most people really start to look into healthy thanksgiving foods, low-calorie recipes and the best foods to eat instead of all the food they’d like to eat. We do this because we don’t want to gain weight but we also don’t want to miss out on the goodies that Thanksgiving has to offer.


Do you think you’re really going to eat more healthy during November?


We’re sure you answered this yes and maybe you will for the first week or so. Then life happens and we go back to our old habits. That’s what depositing calories is all about. It’s about cutting the extra calories here or there. Here are five quick and easy ideas on how to deposit calories so you can really enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving.


1. Reduce your alcohol consumption: Does drinking 1-2 beers a couple nights a week really matter? Yes, it does. Alcohol still has calories and can still cause you to gain weight. The best thing to do is cut out alcohol during the week. Try to have just a few drinks on the weekend only. We bet you’ll try this out if it means you get to eat anything you want for Thanksgiving dinner.


2. Stop eating after 6:30 pm: This is much easier than you think. Do the calories turn to fat after 6:30 pm? Absolutely not. That’s not the point of having a cut off time. We have the cut off time so you stop snacking. You can go to bed hungry. You’ll be ok. This is another great way to deposit your calories.


3. Get an extra workout in each week: Think about it. If you get in for your cardio twice a week. More than likely you can get in one more time. That extra cardio time could net you 1000 calories or more leading up to Thanksgiving. Most of us would love to know we have that many calories deposited before Thanksgiving.


4. Try limiting one food group: No we’re not talking about limiting your vegetable intake. Try to limit your starchy carbohydrates after 12 pm. Most people overeat carbohydrates anyway so the best way to deposit calories is to start with starchy carbs. Pick one meal a day (we recommend breakfast) where you have starchy carbs the rest of the day stick to veggies and lean proteins.


5. Limit your free meals: Free meals are a common tool when people are trying to lose weight. It gives them one meal a week where they can eat all the food they want. This is great for the mind and the body to reset. The problem is people eat way too much during these meals and it usually turns into a free for all. Save all of your free meals for Thanksgiving. You know you’re going to eat more than two helpings on that day anyway. Why not deposit those calories now? That way you can cash in those extra calories on a day/meal you really want to.


We all know that on Thanksgiving day we’re going to pig out.


Why not save and deposit extra calories now so that day doesn’t ruin all your hard work? Sure you can find all the healthy Thanksgiving recipes that you could eat instead of all the tasty ones. Instead, why don’t you deposit calories all month of November so you can really enjoy yourself on Thanksgiving? We listed five great ways to help you deposit those calories. Save those calories now and then you can enjoy yourself eating turkey and pumpkin pie. If you deposit those calories now then maybe you can have your pie and eat it too.


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