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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Weight Loss During the Holidays (Infographic Available)

December 5, 2017


There are plenty of ways that experts will tell you how to stay fit and healthy during the holidays. There are tips all over the place about how to stay fit and healthy through the weight gain quarter. This is just like those but more practical ideas that you can actually use. Think of this as your holiday cheat sheet. We have about three weeks left of this year and you know what that means.


Yup, you guessed it, New Year's Resolutions. Not only is this year coming to an end but it's the time of year we all lose focus on our weight loss and health goals. We created a quick list of seven simple things you can do over these final weeks so you stay focused. Not only that but these tips and tricks, if followed, will allow you to pick a different new years resolution this year instead of “get in better shape” or “eat healthier”.


Stay Social at Parties - This is the first one because it may be the easiest and most effective. Think about it. If you’re more social and talkative at the holiday parties you’re less likely to eat too much. Why is that? Because it’s rude to talk with your mouth full!



Don’t Skip workouts - Holiday parties usually mean there's more drinking. With more drinking, there’s more hangovers. With more hangovers, there’s less desire to workout. Do one of three things. Commit to your workouts and don’t let anything get in your way. Or curb the drinking so you can make sure you get your workouts in. Finally, plan your holiday partying around your workouts. Plan to only party on the weekends so you can workout during the week. Just try to plan ahead.


Stay Hydrated - One thing most people don’t think about (besides us trainers) is how much water we’ve had throughout the day. Dehydration and hunger can feel the same physically and if you’re not paying attention you may think you’re hungry and eat more. Plan on having your water bottle with you at all times. When you get to a party start with a glass of water before you start drinking or eating. This is less about filling your belly with water first and more about making sure you’re well hydrated.


Drink lightly - If we said stop drinking altogether during the holidays more than likely you would have stopped reading. We know you’re gonna drink during the holiday parties. So if you’re serious about your weight loss goals during the holidays then you need to drink less. Think total drinks per week versus total drinks at each party. Once you’ve set that weekly drink goal then stick to it. You know if you do this you’ll be able to stay fit and healthy not only during the holidays but year round.


Don’t skip meals - Everyone likes to talk about eating less during the holidays. Usually, they suggest skipping meals so that you eat less overall. This sounds good in theory but turns out to be a terrible strategy in practice. Skipping meals just means you’re going to be more hungry at parties. Which means we're going to eat more. So really this is the worst thing you can do. Eat normally.


Get on the scale - Pretty simple, right? NO, it’s not simple. People tend to stop getting on the scale during the holidays. They don’t want to know that all the eating and drinking is affecting them. This is exactly why you should keep getting on the scale. It’s the one tool that will always tell you how well you’re doing.


Plan your free meals - We all get free meals. If you’re following the idea of eating well throughout the week and rewarding yourself with a free meal then you get this. The idea here is to plan that free meal to fall in line with your holiday parties. If you have a holiday part on a Tuesday that's when you should have your free meal. It’s simple. Well, at least it is in theory.


Staying fit and healthy during the holidays can seem like such a burden. So much so that most people just decide to give up and wait to start again in January. Instead, why don’t we plan ahead these last three weeks and keep our weight loss goals in check? Why don’t we use these simple tips and tricks to stay focused on our health goals? It’s really as easy as having a plan and then executing the plan. Most of the time people don’t have a plan and then their goals fall apart. Then why don't we do something different. Why don’t we stick to our plan so in January we’re part of the minority? We’ll be part of the group that isn’t trying to lose all the weight we gained during the holidays. Use our holiday cheat sheet and plan ahead. If you do this then you’ll be right on track for bikini season.


Get your Infographic HERE!


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