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10 answers to your Moderation Questions

January 10, 2018

What is moderation?


There is a simple definition of moderation and that is the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior. That makes perfect sense. If you want to have M&M’s then only have a few. If you want to drink, only have a few each week. Great in theory but extremely difficult in practice. The alcohol and M&M’s are getting between you and your goals. You should limit them to one day a week. Limiting them to one day a week or one meal a week is a great example of moderation.


Is everything in moderation terrible advice?


Yes and no. As you saw in answer one, yes it makes sense to eat or drink certain things in moderation. The problem is our perception of moderation isn’t very good. If I give you the same amount of food on two different plates the plate that is bigger will make you feel like you ate less. Moderation isn’t the problem but perception.


The “everything in moderation” message does not excite us or grab our attention because it lacks the “wow” factor and deep down most of us already know this to be true. (find the article here)



Does moderation work with specific health-related diets?


This may be the best spot for moderation is in specific diets. Why? Specific diets cut out certain types of food which makes it easier to either avoid them or moderate them. For example, a low carb diet will limit your sugar intake during the week. This will help you avoid those sweet and addictive sugary foods. At the very least it will allow you to moderate the amount of sugar you are eating because the only time sugar might be allowed on a low carb diet is during your free meal.


Are there practical strategies for maintaining dietary moderation?


Of course, there are great strategies for maintaining dietary moderation even if we’re not great at the subjective part of moderation. Some of those strategies can be found in our ALT Fitness Bylaws infographic. The best two for moderating our food intake is no starchy carbs after noon and stop eating after 6:30 pm. That's one strategy for a specific kind of food and another one for all food intake.



If I’ve been eating well then can I eat bad?


This is the biggest pitfall when it comes to the moderation of certain types of food. A lot of us have an all or none type of attitude. We like to reward ourselves for our good work. You know what this looks like. It’s the no cookies or treats during the week and then we eat the whole cookie jar during our free meal. This is where moderation can play in your favor. If you allow yourself to have a starchy carb in the am and then eat protein, nuts and seeds and vegetables the rest of the day.


Am I the only one trying to follow moderation in my diet?


You are kidding right? Of course, you’re not the only one. Literally, everyone is trying to moderate their diet. We’re all different though so moderation looks different for each of us. Some of us are limiting caffeine, some are limiting fat and others are moderating their sugar intake. Take solace in the fact that everyone is right where you are in some form.


The current conversation and information overload about and around diet, food, and health are downright deafening — and it's just dizzying enough to make me want to lay down and take a big ole' nap. (find the article here)



Is eating in moderation healthy?


Well of course it is. We should be living in moderation. Think about it. Most of us live in the world of more. More food. More coffee. More of everything. So a little moderation can go a long way for all of us.



What does eating in moderation really mean?


As stated before, moderation is the mean between two extremes. The problem with most diets is they are too extreme one way or the other. One could argue that’s why they have a term called yo-yo dieting. Limiting ourselves too much will always end up in failure. We need to set some parameters to how and what we’re eating but they can be flexible which we stated above.



Eating a moderate and varied diet can help with weight loss, weight control and help you stay healthy. Moderation, however, is a subjective term. (find article here)



Are there specific foods I should eat in moderation?


This is a no-brainer. Yes, sugar should be consumed in moderation. Right alongside that is alcohol. Everything else should be considered to be free game depending on your genetics and dietary history.



Are moderation and deprivation mutually exclusive?


Yes. The idea of moderation is so you don’t find yourself deprived. You can’t be deprived of sugar if you’re eating it in moderate amounts.


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